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Biolixi City

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Biolixi Islands is a country located on three individual islands in the Biolixi Ocean. Its most populated island is the Eastern Biolixi Island. There are three different providences; Northern Biolixi Island,Eastern Biolixi Island, and Southern Biolixi Island. The Capitol of this country is Biolixi City. The Biolixi Islands are the most prone country to hurricanes that form during the periodic hurricane seasons in the Biolixi Ocean.


Biolixi Islands Flag

Biolixi Islands Flag

Basic Information

The Biolixi Islands are a group of islands located in between the coasts of Southwest and Virginia in the Biolixi Ocean. The island are a well known area for tourism and ship trade. Trading almost 600 billion simoleons worth of traded things. The Capitol of the Biolixi Islands is Biolixi City, located on the Eastern Biolixi Island, which is also the largest city in the nation.


The Biolixi Islands were founded by explorers from Southwest in 1500; people had found the islands and they quickly designated it a country, as the Biolixi Islands. It is an area that is well known for good vacation spots.


Hurricanes are the country's most notable threat; hurricanes at least make one landfall a year. Hurricanes have caused great devestation to this counrty in several ways, by flooding, wind, and the spread of disease. The most destructive hurricans to hit this area would be Hurricane Georgette and Hurricane Fred of 2011 and Hurricane Iva of 2004 killing several sims and destroying the entire country.


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