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Biolixi Ocean Hurricanes (Activity)

Current Information:

  • 20%: A newly formed tropical disturbance located just outside of the San Francisco Gulf is producing some minimal thunderstorm activity. Conditions are expected to become more favorable as the disturbance moves into the Gulf. This system has a low chance (20%) of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours as it moves towards the ENE at 10 mph. Regardless of development, areas near the system should monitor its progress as it could affect that area in the coming days.
  • (Advisories are posted twice a day, more than twice if needed.)

Current Systems


Season Predictions

-National Hurricane Center's predictions-

Named Storms Hurricanes Major Hurricanes
20 12 6

-Current Numbers-

Named Storms Hurricanes Major Hurricanes
14 8 4

Additional Information

If you want more information about current Biolixi Ocean tropical cyclones, then please visit the 2013 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season article.

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