Northern Biolixi Island
Northern Biolixi Island
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Biolixi Bay

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Biolixi Islands

The Northern Biolixi Island was the second island to become a part of the Biolixi Islands. The Northern Biolixi Island is well known to have the biggest ports out of any of the islands in the Biolixi Islands, the cities of Biolixi Bay, Wasington City, and Utopia City are the most well know ports on the island. The Capitol city is Biolixi Bay which is located on the east side of the island, which is where the Governor of the island resides. About --- people live here, the majority of them living in --- , which is the largest city on the island.


Northern Biolixi Island Flag

Northern Biolixi Island Flag


The Northern Biolixi Island is the island well known for the largest ports in the country with nearly a half a million visitors a year to the island, particularly to the Biolixi Bay area. The Northern Biolixi Island was the second island added, out of the three, to the Biolixi Islands. The original capitol was Washington City, but due to a war that broke out during the mid 1960s, the capitol was moved to Biolixi Bay since the city was the only one not affected by the war. Biolixi Bay was the largest city, the capitol and the largest port in the Northern Biolixi Island.


The Northern Biolixi Island was added to the Biolixi Islands in the 1950s since the Southern Biolixi Island was in desperate need for more land. The starting capitol was Washington City, but due to the war in the 1960s, the capitol was moved to Biolixi Bay to ensure the Northern Biolixi Island would have a stable capitol to end the war and keep the Northern Biolixi Island a permanent providence in the country.


Like each of the Biolixi Islands, the Northern Biolixi Island is prone to hurricanes between the dates of June 1 and November 30, which is the time period known as "Hurricane Season". The Northern Biolixi Island is considered to be the safest island form hurricanes, but that wasn't the case in 2011 when Hurricane Fred decimated the entire island with 125 mph winds and flooding. The city of Utopia City was the hardest hit, since Fred made Landfall with 120 mph winds in that area. Out of each of the islands, the Northern Biolixi Island, is still considered the least prone to hurricanes do to being close to a jet stream.

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