Tropical Storm (SSHS)
Tropical Storm Annette.png
Annette at its closet approach to land
Formed May 3, 2012
Dissipated May 6, 2012
Highest winds 1-minute sustained:
60 mph (95 km/h)
Lowest pressure 998 mbar (hPa); 29.47 inHg
Fatalities 2 (5)
Damage $200.5 million (2012 SCS)
Areas affected Biolixi Islands
Part of the 2012 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season

Annette was the first named system of the 2012 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season. Annette's duration was between May 3 and May 6. Annette was a tropical storm with maximum winds of 60 mph and minimum pressure at 998 mbar. Annette was a pre-season system that mainly affected the Biolixi Islands with heavy rainfall. Rainfall and gusty winds were the main impacts of this system. Annette caused 200 or so million simoleons in damage and caused 2 fatalities.

Meteorological HistoryEdit

Tropical Storm Annette's Path

Annette's Path

On April 30, an unorginized area of low pressure started to develop near the Biolixi Islands. The National Hurricane Center predicted that the system would dissipate, due to the system forming before the season started. On May 3, the system began orginization and became the first system of the year. On May 4, the system became the first named storm of the year, "Annette". Annette moved along the coast of the Northern Biolixi Island causing damage and flooding. Annette continued to move along the coast and began its weakening process. On May 5, Annette gained its lowest pressure of 998 mbar, even though it wasn't at its maximum wind speed. Later on May 5, the pressure grew very quickly to 1005 mbar and Annette weakened into a tropical depression. On May 6, Annette dissipated. Annette caused 200 or so million simoleons in damage and caused 2 fatalities.

Preparations and ImpactEdit

Northern Biolixi IslandEdit

Annette was a somewhat weak tropical storm that caused heavy rain and gusty winds to the Northern Biolixi Island. No mandatory evacuations were ordered since it didn't attain hurricane status. It was a suprise to the residents of the island, because they usually don't see tropical systems until June or July. Annette did claim two lives because of strong rip currents along the coast. Annette caused 200 or so million simoleons in damage and caused 2 fatalities.

See alsoEdit

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