Tropical Storm (SSHS)
Tropical Storm Claudette.png
Tropical Storm Claudette at peak intensity
Formed June 24, 2013
Dissipated June 28, 2013
Highest winds 1-minute sustained:
60 mph (95 km/h)
Lowest pressure 991 mbar (hPa); 29.26 inHg
Fatalities 4
Damage $890,000 (2013 SCS)
Areas affected Roanoke and Meldova
Part of the 2013 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season

Claudette was the third named storm of the 2013 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season. Claudette's duration was between June 24 and June 28. Claudette had a peak intensity of 60 mph and minimum pressure of 991 mbar. Claudette was a tropical storm that formed from a tropical disturbance near the Roanoke coast. The disturbance developed into Tropical Depression Four on June 24 and continued to move towards the Roanoke. On June 26, Four was upgraded to Tropical Storm Claudette and began its northerly movement up the coast. On June 27, Claudette gained its peak intensity and then made a rare landfall in the country of Meldova. After a day inland Claudette weakened into a tropical depression and then dissipated. Flooding and heavy rain were the main cause of damage in the area. Claudette caused 890,000 simoleons in damage and caused 4 deaths.

Meteorological HistoryEdit

Claudette's Path

Claudette's Path

On June 22, a tropical disturbance began to develop a few hundred miles off the coast of Roanoke. On June 24, the disturbance entered increasingly warm water and was upgraded to Tropical Depression Four by the National Hurricane Center. After being upgraded, Four continued to the northeast and continued to strengthen as it began its journey up the coast of Roanoke into coast of the country Meldova. On June 26, Four strengthened into Tropical Storm Claudette while continuing up the coast of Roanoke, into Meldova. Later the same day, Claudette gained its peak intensity of 60 mph and minimum pressure of 991 mbar. Heavy rain and very gusty winds were reported along the coast as Claudette past the along the coast. On June 27, Claudette made landfall in Meldova with 50 mph winds causing damage that people in that area rarely experience. Claudette is one of the first tropical cyclones to hit that area since the 2004 season. On June 28, Claudette continued to weaken as it moved further inland, becoming a tropical depression later that day. On June 29, Claudette dissipated.

Preparation and ImpactEdit


As Tropical Depression Four forms near the coast of Roanoke, some light impacts like rain and spotty flash flooding was reported along the coastline. As Four began moving northward, it intensified into Tropical Storm Claudette on June 26. Being a minimal tropical storm near the coastline, Claudette caused some rough ocean waters, heavy rain, and some gusty coastal winds along the northwestern coast of Roanoke.


Similar to the impacts to Roanoke, Claudette caused heavy rain, flooding, gusty winds along the Meldova coastline as it moved along it. On June 27, Claudette gained its peak intensity and made landfall in the northwestern coast of Meldova. Claudette's landfall brought some rare tropical impacts to the northern tier of Meldova, this caused some slight wind damage and flooding inland. Claudette dissipated inland on June 28. Claudette caused 890,000 simoleons in damage and caused 4 deaths.

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